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The Natural Color Of Agate Is Very Common
- Aug 28, 2018 -

(1) Red agate: Red is a main color of agate. Generally, agate is brownish red, red sauce, and yellowish red. Some agate colors are not uniform, like the South Red Agate, which has red dots inside.

(2) Blue agate: It is mainly light blue. When the color is dark, the transparency is poor. Sometimes some other colorful stripes are distributed in the blue agate.

(3) Green agate: Naturally produced green agate is rare, quality is more rare, and prices are relatively higher.

(4) Purple agate: Purple agate is rare, purple is deep and shallow, among which grape stone is the most. This kind of agate has a thick texture, often translucent, but the inner Mongolian wolf blood agate purple is more delicate.

(5) Black agate: mainly black, microstrip cyan or gray, mostly translucent.

(6) White agate: It is milky white or light gray, often forming a concentric pattern and a strip shape with a colorless transparent agate. There is often a quartz interlayer in the middle.

(7) Gray agate: dark gray, light gray or cyan, some with inconspicuous concentric strips, often with quartz interlayer or sand core inside.

(8) Yellow agate: usually light yellow, orange, brownish yellow and light yellow, sometimes combined with pink, reddish, light gray agate to form a beautiful band.

The late dyed agate can be identified by infrared spectroscopy.