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Granite Slab Features
- Aug 28, 2018 -

The characteristics of granite slabs are mainly stable and easy to maintain. This is because:

1 Granite plate has a dense structure, smooth surface and wear resistance, and the roughness value is small;

2 After long-term natural aging, the internal stress disappears completely, the material is stable and will not be deformed;

3 acid, alkali, corrosion and diamagnetic resistance;

4 will not rust and rust, easy to use and maintain;

5 linear expansion coefficient is small, affected by temperature;

6 After the working surface is bumped or scratched, only pits will be generated, and no ridges or burrs will be generated, which has no effect on the measurement accuracy.

The main disadvantage of granite slabs is that they cannot withstand excessive impact and knocking, and they will deform when the humidity is high, and the hygroscopicity is 1%.