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Granite Purchase
- Aug 28, 2018 -

1. Check that the stone provided is natural stone, and whether its material properties meet or exceed natural granite (JB/T 7974-2001)

2. Quality inspection requirements: The specified size or allowable deviation value is ≤±1mm, width and thickness ±1mm, surface flatness specified value or allowable deviation value ≤0.5mm, diagonal value or allowable deviation value ≤0.5mm .

3. Whether the appearance quality of the granite platform is superior, whether the color, color difference and pattern of the block are harmonious and uniform.

4. Whether there are defects such as ribs, corners, cracks, stains, color lines and pits on the surface of the platform.

5. Whether the surface of the platform is painted with six-sided stone protective coating to ensure the waterproof and anti-fouling performance of the stone.

6. Whether the stone has passed the relevant inspections of the National Stone Quality Monitoring Center, including physical, radioactive, freeze-thaw, etc., and has a test report.

7, stone origin and name.

From the quality point of view, the gap between domestic stone and imported stone is not large, but the price is much less. The main reason is that the imported stone is more varied and more decorative, which means that the imported stone is better to be laid. This process gap can not be eliminated at once, and Chinese manufacturers are working hard to narrow this gap. In terms of practicality, domestic stone can be said to be no less inferior to imported stone.

Many people will stay on marble and granite when they buy. What issues should I pay attention to when purchasing?

The thickness should be uniform, the four corners should be accurately defined, the trimming edges should be neat, and the right angles should correspond to each other; the surface should be smooth and bright, the light should be above 80 degrees, and there should be no pits; the pattern should be uniform, the pattern is clear, and there is no mottle. The color difference should also be consistent; the internal structure is tight and there is no crack; the bearing thickness can not be less than 9~10mm. From the surface, you should pay attention to whether the square cutting is neat, the smoothness, pattern and color of the surface.

Quality control

Quality control is mainly in the process and materials. In recent years, the realization of granite decorative curtain wall, such as granite, has been popularly used in the dry hanging process of decorative panels. Its main advantages are safety and durability, clean and beautiful, convenient construction and so on. In addition, stone-related materials are also the key to ensuring the quality of the project. In addition to stone, there are mainly steel (aluminum) skeleton materials, hanging boards, hooks, structural adhesives and seal-resistant rubber. The plating of the aluminum surface must meet the national standards. The steel must be hot-dip galvanized or treated with other anti-corrosion materials to ensure that it does not rust. Structural adhesives and weather resistant adhesives must comply with national standards to ensure that no oil seepage occurs.