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Granite Maintenance
- Aug 28, 2018 -

The newly laid granite floor should not be used as a base wax or a face wax: why the newly laid granite floor is not suitable for bottom wax and face wax, we can compare it with marble to draw conclusions.

Marble surfaces, both old and new, are composed of calcium carbonate crystals with large particles, so the pores are large. Even after careful polishing, the uneven interface can be seen under the microscope. This fine pore is exactly for the falling wax. Advantages: When the bottom wax is applied, the bottom wax has a small molecular weight and strong penetrability. Together with the capillary action, the bottom wax is adsorbed on the surface of the marble to form a film. When the moisture in the bottom wax is completely volatilized, the adsorption force is further improved. Large, this adsorption force is crucial, it is used to counteract the force exerted on the surface of the person by walking and dragging the object, so as not to make the wax surface off the ground.

For the newly laid granite floor, its main components are crystals of quartz, mica and feldspar. The density is high and the hardness is extremely high. Together with the artificial polishing, the granite surface has few pores. Therefore, when the wax is dropped, the bottom wax Impervious, no capillary action, of course, there is no or only a very weak adsorption force, such a wax surface when the person walks on it, it is easy to fall off, making the wax work work in vain.

In response to this situation, for the newly laid granite, it is only necessary to spray the cleaning wax with the spray cleaning wax for half a year to one year after the laying to prevent the stain from penetrating into the granite and maintaining the surface brightness. Because the flow of people walking through each day is different, the strength is different, and the degree of wear on the granite surface is also different, after a period of time.