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Artificial Marble Is Made By Mimicking The Surface Texture Of Marble
- Aug 28, 2018 -

Artificial marble is made by mimicking the surface texture of marble. It has the characteristics of marble-like mechanism, and the pattern can be controlled by the designer and has good reproducibility. Moreover, the artificial marble is anti-pollution and has good workability, and can be formed into a curved shape, a curved surface, etc., and is convenient to construct.

In addition to the high requirements for the sturdiness and environmental protection of the board, the marble furniture also has strict control over the radioactivity of the stone. For a long time, people mistakenly think that marble and furniture will have radiation, and there are some concerns when buying. In fact, the natural marble coffee table and artificial marble coffee table sold on the market are not irradiated. It is impossible to make a large marble radiant marble and sell it in the market because it is a very simple basic common sense problem because it touches the marble every day. The manufacturers and sellers, the savvy merchants will not ask for money, and the rumors of the marble coffee table radiation have been clarified in 2013, the China Stone Association issued a white paper clearly indicating the safety of marble.