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Advantages Of Quartz Countertop
- Jan 08, 2019 -

The quartz stone, commonly referred to as quartz stone, is a new type of stone artificially synthesized from more than 90 % of quartz crystals plus resins and other trace elements. It is a large size plate that is pressed by a special machine under certain physical and chemical conditions. Its main material is quartz.

Advantages of quartz countertop:

1. Quartz is hard. It ranks a 7.0 on Moh's Hardness Scale, and it is even harder than stainless steel, so it is suitable to be used as kitchen worktops. (Stainless steel, Mohs scale 5 to 6)

2. Quartz is resistant to high temperature with melting point above 1300°. Generally, quartz countertops made up of 93% quartz will not be damaged by heat.

3. Quartz is nonporous. Because of this feature, quartz countertop is very durable, which resists corrosion and stains from household cleaning solutions, liquids, and oils. 

4. Quartz is an environmental-friendly building material. Recycled materials and nontoxic pigments are used in production and it usually wastes less material than granite and other natural stone during manufacturing.