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What is granite slabs?
- Jan 08, 2019 -
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Floor slab, also known as floor tiles, are a kind of floor decoration material. It is made from clay. A variety of specifications. It is firm in strength, small in weight, resistant to pressure and wear, and can be protected from moisture. Some are glazed and have a decorative effect. It is mostly used for the floors and floors of public buildings and civil buildings.

The types of paving stones are all-body bricks, glazed tiles, whole-body polished tiles, permeable tiles, bleed polished tiles, etc. These floor tiles are not all non-slip, especially for the elderly and children at home, must do anti-slip test when purchasing. In order to avoid problems. Common floor tiles are: full polished glazed tiles, vitrified tiles, polished tiles, matt tiles, glazed tiles, printed tiles, non-slip tiles, special acid-proof floor tiles

English name for paving stones : floor tile

Among the many floor decoration materials, floor tiles have become the first choice for consumers. Because it has a solid texture, easy to clean, heat, wear, acid and alkali, no water seeage and so on. In the selection of floor tiles, it should be considered from the following aspects: whether it is non-slip.

According to personal hobbies and functional requirements of the living room and the layout of the field, it is possible to choose from the specifications, color tone and texture of the floor tiles.

When picking the floor tiles, the quality should be closed. When the bricks are picked, the sintering strength can be seen by tapping gently. The sound is crisp and not turbid, indicating that the firing temperature is high and the quality is good.

In addition, you should also pay attention to whether there is a small pitting on the surface: you can use hard objects to scribe on the glaze. If there are no traces left, the quality of the crystal surface is very high, and the high quality crystal surface is better than the ordinary brick. .