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what do tombstones say?
- Dec 14, 2018 -
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Tombstone first, the wooden monument stands in front of the palace gate, so it is called "the palace must have a monument." this wooden monument is used to recognize the shadow of the sun. From the yin and yang of the shadow, the changes in the season can be measured;

Headstones second, the ancient ancestral temple stood in front of the monument, and there were perforations on the tablet. It was used to tie the ropes and tie the animals of the sacrifices. After the gods, they took out the animals for blood sacrifices;

Grave markers third, the ancient monuments are the tools for burial.


At the four corners or on both sides of the tomb, there is a wooden column with a round hole called "wearing". Then, in the middle of the two columns, a crossbar is placed, and the rope is wrapped around the wood. It can be used to release the rope. Like the raft, the raft is pulled into the grave. After the burial is completed, the wooden monument will be buried underground or placed next to the tomb. In the spring and autumn period, the emperor's six fibers and four monuments, the princes and four fibers and three monuments, the doctor's two fibers and two monuments. To the zhou dynasty, the emperor began to use stone tablets, and the weekend princes also began to use stone tablets. The stone tablets of the zhou dynasty are only used to wear the holes, and the words on the tablets are not written. In the han dynasty, the situation of the deceased, such as the name, the date of birth and death, was engraved on the tablet, while the person with status began to pass the monument, thus forming a ceremonial culture such as tombstones and tombs.

The tree monument is the focus of the tomb. According to the feng shui, the orientation of the tombstone is oriented. This is an important part of the burial ground. The size of the tombstone, the size of the text, and the time when the tree monument is unearthed must be carefully considered. Under normal circumstances, they are buried first, then the tree monument. There are two reasons for this: first, after burial, a period of rainwater and soil should be set aside to make the virtual side become a real side, and the ground can be avoided when the tree monument is hidden. Second, after the burial, leave a section for the family to inspect the inscription. The time of the content. Especially the evaluation of celebrities, the weight of the statement should be considered. Such as: the shunzhi emperor who opened the country in the qing dynasty, kangxi was buried in the second year, kangxi six years to establish a monument. The second generation of emperor kangxi of the qing dynasty was buried in the first year of yongzheng. It is true that the ordinary people also have the burial and the monument.