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Technical requirements for mining of granite mines
- Aug 28, 2018 -

Under normal conditions, when the production stripping ratio is around 0.3, the lowest economic block rate of granite ore is 15% to 25%.

(1) When the height of the step of the mining site is mobile crane, the step height is 4~6m; the small mast crane is used, the step height is less than or equal to 14m; for the large mast crane, the step height is less than or equal to 62m. The slope angle of the stepped slope is generally 90°, and the final slope angle is determined by the stability of the rock.

(2) The width of the stone is determined according to the performance of the mining equipment, the specifications of the blocks and the cracks, and is generally 1 to 3 m.

(3) The length of the working face is generally 5~15m, and the flame cutting machine is generally 15~20m. Minimum working platform width: generally 20 ~ 25m.

Generally speaking, the current mining work in the mine is mainly in the semi-mechanical and semi-manual mining state, and has not yet formed a certain scale. There is still a lack of uniformity and systemic management.