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Significance of sculpture?
- Dec 28, 2018 -
Marble statueWhite Carving Marble Statue Sculpture.jpg

Whether in china or abroad


They have their shadows in the inheritance and development of culture.


Whether in the bud of civilization


A piece of rough stone carved by hand


Still in the period of civilization development


Exquisite items carved out of statuary statuary marble, jade, metal, etc.


The sculpture is expressed in a direct and visual way


Always occupy an important position in the transmission of civilization

Embossing and sculpture


Can keep culture for a long time


In front of some civilizations that have disappeared


They are even the only proof


Disappearing mesopotent civilization


Left the hama rabbi code carved on the stone pillar


Let us also be able to interpret the above text


Restore the early civilization of mankind



If you want


Pass your own aesthetic


Record your life


Express your thoughts


And hope that they will be spread for thousands of years.


And can be easily interpreted by later generations


Then please engrave them.


Carving will be the best way

Natural marble is solid and weather resistant


Can survive thousands of years and never die


Is one of the preferred materials for engraving


And the stone sculpture is realistic and rich in style.


Not only as a work of art


Can also be widely applied to building components and decoration


Become an embellished building, beautify the environment


An important tool for inheriting culture