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how to care for onyx sinks?
- Dec 17, 2018 -
Yellow Beige Onyx Sinks

The techniques for Onyx Sinks maintenance are as follows:

1. Prevent collisions. Although the hardness of the onyx shower  is relatively large, it is more likely to be broken when it collides with a hard object. In particular, the hollowed-back agate product is easily damaged, so it should be firm and strong when placed normally, carrying agate, or stored in Soft inside the box.

2.Onyx bathroom sink  to avoid direct sunlight or too cold and overheating to avoid thermal expansion and contraction and damage.

3.Agate products try to avoid contact with chemicals and other items, to avoid corrosion and affect its vividness and brightness.

4.Agate products cleaning. Oil or dirt is generated on the surface of the agate worn or placed for a long time. Dust should be cleaned with a soft brush; oil should be washed with warm soapy water and rinsed with water.

5. Wipe the agate product with a soft cloth or towel to avoid scratching, which helps to maintain and maintain the original quality.

6. In autumn and winter, agate needs to be replenished frequently to maintain the balance of water. If the water shortage in South Red Agate is already serious, it can be immersed in purified water.