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how to build stone fountain?
- Dec 19, 2018 -
Honey Onyx Ball Style Fountain.jpg

Outdoor fountains , as the name implies, are ball style fountain . The most common of these is the feng shui fountain. Generally, by shaking the stone ball with water, it symbolizes "the money is rolling."

The principle that the feng shui ball of the stone feng shui fountain can rotate is:

1. the feng shui ball fountains chassis (column) is filled with water. The water pump is pumped up to impinge on the stone ball above, so that the stone ball rotates for a long time, which symbolizes the “financial source rolling”.

2. there is a certain pressure and speed when the water rushes upwards. There is a ball socket under the ball. Due to the increase of the contact surface, the water bladder in the ball socket can increase the water impulse of the pump by many times, so that the pump has enough the big momentum pushes the feng shui ball to the top.

3, the water is from a large area, the buoyancy contact surface of the ball is large, so it seems that the water is not in a hurry but can rotate the ball, because the buoyancy of the water is completely applied to the surface of the ball. The friction between the water and the ball is small, and the water is equivalent to the lubricating oil, so the resistance of the rotation of the ball is basically the gravity in the vertical direction of the ball. There is a small force in the horizontal direction that allows the ball to rotate.

4. the horizontal force comes from the slight tilt of the ball holder, so that the force on both sides of the feng shui ball becomes uneven, and the water also emerges from the high side of the spheroid. At this time, the feng shui ball turns, and the wind water from the beginning, the financial resources are rolling. This is our reverie.