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Granite mining is generally divided into the following steps
- Aug 28, 2018 -

For granite mining, the first mining area should be selected according to resource conditions and market demand, and the mining boundary, mine production scale, and mine working system should be determined. Mining is carried out on the basis of comprehensive analysis of the natural environment and economic and technical conditions. Mining processes can be divided into pioneering transportation, stripping and mining.

1. Develop transportation and loading

The task of developing transportation is to open up the transportation route between the mining industrial field and the working steps in the mining site and the transportation route to the waste rock site. Commonly used modes of development for granite open pit mines are:

1) Highways develop car transportation. This method is flexible and can fully utilize the efficiency of loading equipment. It is widely used.

2) Ditchless development of mast crane lifting, this method does not need to dig the transport channel from the surface to the mining step, but directly into the transport equipment by the mast crane. This method has a small amount of engineering and low investment, but it is limited by the capacity and working range of the mast crane.

In addition, there are slope hoisting machines to develop trolley transportation, road vehicles and mast cranes to jointly develop transportation.

There are two types of loading equipment for loading waste materials into transportation equipment. The mast crane is fixed. This type of equipment has a high lifting height and a large lifting capacity, and it has both loading and transport functions. The crawler crane and the tire crane are mobile loading equipment. These equipments are flexible, but the lifting height is high. The lifting weight is small and it is not suitable for loading large-size blocks. The transportation of waste rock in mines is often used in manual carts, front loading machines, bulldozers, cranes, automobiles and other equipment.