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Classification of quartz stones
- Dec 25, 2018 -
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There are quartz slab : ordinary board, crystal jade board, aluminum powder board, composite acrylic board, pure acrylic board, quartz stone board.

In general, quartz countertops  roughly divided into artificial acrylic and artificial quartz.

There are two kinds of artificial stone and natural stone. Natural stone generally contains mineral metal radiation and is used indoors or outdoors. Common applications are in hotel lobby or plaza. Acrylic stone and quartz stone have no good or bad points. The composition of the components is different and the characteristics are different. When purchasing, it is necessary to know which characteristics of these materials are more important, and whether to make a reasonable choice is acrylic or quartz.

2: Acrylic stone as the main countertop material in the cabinet market, the processing is beautiful, mainly can be curved back water retaining and absolute seamless splicing, and other special-shaped processing, which are not possible by quartz stone; Acrylic stone is better toughness than quartz stone, especially pure acrylic.

The advantages are: seamless stitching, good toughness, varied shapes, various colors, soft colors, and problems that are easy to repair. After using it for a long time, it can be re-polished and bright.

The disadvantages are: hardness is worse than quartz stone, bearing deformation and anti-hard object scratch performance is slightly inferior to quartz stone. The composite acrylic has a high temperature resistance of about 90 degrees, and the pure acrylic has a high temperature resistance of 120 degrees. However, do not touch the hot objects for a long time.

3: granite countertops is better than acrylic stone in hardness and wear resistance, and has good heat resistance. No matter whether it is quartz stone or acrylic stone, hot pot hot water can not be placed directly on the table. The instantaneous high temperature difference will cause local thermal expansion and contraction of these two materials, which will cause a large change in local internal stress. And it bursts. Whether it is quartz stone or acrylic stone, if you do not use the pot mat, you can not place high temperature objects directly on the table. And for a long time, the area that touches the high temperature object will be different from the color of the other table area and the light color table.

The advantages are: higher resistance to high temperature, scratch resistance and deformation resistance than acrylic stone, and higher gloss.

The disadvantages are: the color is less rigid, the shaped shape is not easy to process, and it is difficult to make complex shapes, and the bumping angle is difficult to repair. The seam marks are obvious.