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Advantages of quartz table
- Jan 11, 2019 -
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Quartz stone countertops refer to countertops made of quartz stone, mostly made of broken glass and quartz countertops . The advantage of quartz stone countertops is that the wear is not afraid of scratching, and the heat resistance can be applied to the wall in a large area, and the stitching is seamless and durable.

Product Features

1), not easy to scratch:

The quartz countertops  has been vacuum-compressed and compressed, and the quartz has reached a hardness of 6 to 7.5 Mohs.

(African mineralogist Frederich Mohs created a hardness tester that is an internationally recognized hardness test method with 10 grades for maximum hardness and 10 diamond grades).

2), extremely resistant to high temperatures, burning does not hurt:

Reason: Quartz is resistant to high temperatures and the resin is not resistant to high temperatures.

3), real stone feeling:

Reason: Because the quartz stone contains 93% quartz crystal, it is very similar to the stone, and the quartz stone combines the advantages of both natural stone and artificial acrylic. Therefore, from the perspective of color and other aspects, it is richer than the real stone color, and there is almost no color difference.

4), strong anti-pollution, not easy to penetrate the stain;

Reason: Because of the dozens of complicated surface treatment methods, the surface structure is extremely strict. The product is fine and non-porous, and the water absorption rate is almost zero; general kitchen oil, sauce, tea, juice, coffee, acid, alkali, etc. Substances are impossible to penetrate, so the anti-fouling is extremely strong.


5), antibacterial:

Reason: Because the surface layer and the inside of the material are also dense and uniform, no pores and gaps, and built-in certain antibiotics, the bacteria are eliminated, safe and clean, and can be directly contacted with food and skin, which is beneficial to food hygiene and human health. .

6) The surface material is non-radiative and belongs to green environmental protection products;

Reason: Because quartz stone is made of natural stone crystal mineral, it is one of the most abundant inorganic materials in the world. Its si02 (silica) content is over 99.9%, and it will only harm radioactive elements such as heavy metals in the process. Strictly controlled within the allowable range (the number of radioactive elements such as heavy metals itself is relatively small), its mining, use, and processing will not adversely affect the human body and the environment, so there will be no contact with food and human body. Negative effects.

7), the color of the stone is consistent, does not fade, does not change color;

Reason: Quartz stone is mainly based on mineral pigments, so it is consistent with the color of stone. It is not subject to long-term local contrast irradiation under strong sunlight. It is difficult for the naked eye to observe its color change. In addition, the whole quartz stone is taken during the production process. It is a full-automatic control device, which makes the colorization standard of the product extremely high. In the long-term daily use of indoors, it will not fade color and luster due to oxidation, aging, corrosion, hot material contact and other reasons.

8), material toughness;

Reason: This product contains high-strength glue and resin components, which is strong in elasticity, so there is no fragile brittleness.

9), not easy to break;

Reason: The thickness of the product is up to 20mm. Most of the domestic use of 15mm thick plates, even the actual thickness of cut corners is only 13mm, easily broken under the influence of external forces. Xinhua Xinlian Quartz Stone has been in line with world-renowned brands, and has checked the raw material, processing and product quality to a cracking coefficient of 0.3%.

10), easy to maintain, once and for all, cost-effective: