Calacatta 3D Print Artificial Marble

1.Material: Artificial Marble (Engineered Stone)
2.Product: Slab
3.Size: 3200x1600x15mm
4.Design: Calacatta

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Product Details

Cultured (man-made) marble is less expensive since it isn’t found in a quarry and is just a mix of elements that are poured into a mold.  Choosing cultured marble is a creative process. Cultured marble is poured to the specification of the client  and can be customized according to what the client would like as far as color and grain preferences. The options with cultured marble are endless.

Product Description

Product name

Calacatta 3D Print Artificial Marble                 

Material of artificial marble 

Natural marble powder, epoxy resin, color, shell chips, glass pieces or 

other decorative items etc.


slab size

3200x1600mm, 2700x1800mm, 2500x1600mm or other customized size


wall cladding panel, floor paving tile, column, countertop, sink, windowsills, molding or other special design interior decoration


14, 16, 18, 20, 30 mm or other customized tile size


One buldle

Quality Control

Thickness tolerance: +/-1mm; Polished degree: more than 90; color 

difference control


Eased, Beveled, Half bull nose, Full bull nose, Pencil edge, Ogee, Radius, 


Packing details

Packed by strong seaworthy fumigated wooden crates directly with thin 

foam inside, putting polished sides face-to-face; 15-18pcs/bundle, packed by strong seaworthy wooden bundle

Production Ability

200,000 ~ 300,000 square meters per month

Sample availability

Sample is ready and free, but express fee will be on your own

Artificial Marble Advantages

  • color consistence and color difference control

  • competitive price compared with natural marble 

  • light weight and easier installation 

  • large surface application 

  • no radiation

  • green and environmental-friendly features

  • renewable character

Artificial Marble Colors

artificial marble colors

Quality Inspection

quartz inspection

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Why Choose MRD Stone? 

1. Friendly Customer Service:

a.We would confirm every details with you before production to avoid any mistake
b. Our cost man will select the right quarry for your orders.
c. Our experienced QC will follow up the orders to ensure quality
d. Our sales will update you order and shipping status until you get them smoothly.


2. Strict Quality Control:

Our QC will check products pc by pc before packing.

3. Timely Delivery:

We always send out containers within agreed time.


4. Guarantee for 16 years:

We guarantee to replace or refund any wrong or broken products that caused in
our part.

5. Our Clear Goal:

We have the clear goal to bring the best goods and best service to customers!

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